How to Choose What Food to Serve at Your Wedding

How to Choose What Food to Serve at Your Wedding

Choosing what food to serve at your wedding is one of the most important choices you’ll make when planning your big day. Here are some helpful tips:

What kind of food do you like? Will your guests like it, too?

It may seem obvious, but many couples forget to ask themselves these basic questions! Think about what kinds of foods you and your fiancé typically order in a restaurant, and build a menu based on your tastes. But remember your guests, too—you may love ultra-spicy Sichuan cuisine or prefer an all-vegan menu, but your guests may not. Pick crowd-pleasing items everyone will love.

Avoid messy items in the buffet line

Cheese sticks with marinara sauce are delicious, yes, but they also have the potential to stain your guests’ nice clothing. If you’re doing things buffet style, choose items that will be easy to eat and serve with minimal mess. For example, if you’re doing pasta, choose tortellini or ravioli over messier linguini.

Have fun with choosing what food you should serve

Dinner should be more than just a prelude to the dancing. Focus on the food and make it special! A tasting menu of small plates or a series of wine pairings will make your wedding menu stand out.

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