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Caterers do More Than Just Cook Delicious Food

If you ask the typical person what a caterer does, they’ll usually reply with a one word answer: “food.” While food is the focus of catering, caterers today serve up “experiences,” complete with table settings, quality servers, and decorations. In a way, caterers are modern day party planners, responsible for helping ensure an event runs… Read more »

Reasons to Have a “Pig Roast’’ This Summer

As the weather warms up and summer approaches, now’s the time to plan events for friends, family and/or co-workers. A great way to bring people together is to have a pig roast this summer. The average person doesn’t know how to roast a pig, so thankfully TJ’s Catering does. It’s a sight to see and… Read more »

Tips For Planning a Memorable Corporate Event

Corporate events require proper planning to make sure guests enjoy their time and then speak highly of the event afterward. After all, in the corporate world, reputation matters. Here are some tips for planning a great corporate event. First, people have short attention spans these days. They don’t want to be stuck sitting and listening… Read more »

Hypoallergenic Diets Require Hypoallergenic Kitchens

If you’ve even wondered how difficult it is to prepare hypoallergenic food, know much more precaution is required than traditional food preparation. Aside from obviously having to substitute completely different ingredients than what goes into traditional recipes, some food preparers even have a separate kitchen designated to cooking hypoallergenic food. If remnants from a previous… Read more »

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