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How to choose a good caterer

Whenever you’re holding a large-scale event, you always want to have the food for this event catered in. There is no way you’ll be able to cook or afford to purchase enough food on your own, so you’ll look to a professional service to help you out in this instance. Finding the perfect catering service… Read more »

The Best Party Appetizers to Serve

If you’re looking for an appetizer to really knock ‘em dead at your next get-together, you want to serve something memorable. Even if you’re having your event catered, look into customizing what’s on the menu with some true crowd-pleasers. Here are a few scrumptious appetizers folks have been having a taste for lately;    … Read more »

Buffet vs. Sit Down: The Pros and Cons

Choosing the menu for your upcoming event is one thing, but deciding between buffet and sit-down is another. This is just one more decision that party planners, hosts and hostesses have to make. While both options are suitable for certain events, there are a few aspects to consider before committing to one or the other…. Read more »

Choosing The Right Menu

Once you have decided to use a catering company for your upcoming event, the next decision is the menu. Most companies will have a variety of food options for clients ranging from different type of salads, entrees and desserts. It’s important to know all your options before you start to decide what you want served… Read more »

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Barbeque

Spawned by post-WWII meat-loving America, the backyard cookout has been an institution in America since the mid-20th century. No house in America throughout the 1950’s and 60’s was without a grill and a nice big deck to finish out the landscaping. And from this was born an entirely new aspect to our culture. Enjoying the… Read more »

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